How do I get your downloads into my game?

Place the unzipped files into your downloads folder, in your Sims2 Folder!

Where do you get your hair?

I get my hair from a lot of different artists.  The hair that I use the most usually comes from Peggy, Rose, Raon Sims, Helga Sims, and Chaz @ TSR!

Are your models available?

Some of the models I've made are up for download.  A lot of the models I use are from ChazDesigns or Jirka!  But if you want them you can always get them from TSR or go to PMBD to download!

Can I donate to your site?

If you'd like to leave a tip feel free, there is a paypal box on the donate page!  All I can offer is my sincerest thanks!!  I will NEVER offer anything I've made for a donation fee.  It will always be 100% free!

Can I upload my conversions on your site?

You can email me and send me a picture of the outfit you have converted.  As long as you have a link to the mesh you have used and also a credit for the texture, and it looks nice I will upload it! :) In the subject line, please put CurvaliciousSims2!

Can I use your models in pictures or in contests?

Sure, go ahead, use the models I've made, however you like!  It'd be nice to have credit with a link back to my page, but it's not necessary! :)
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